The Perfume industry’s printing office

Located in Grasse, the historic birthplace of the perfume industry, CARESTIA supports some of the biggest names in the cosmetics and perfume industry both in France and internationally.

CARESTIA has built up its industry know-how since 1883 and today the company is a leader in the creation and production of perfumed products, blotter cards, fragrance strips and booklets, folding boxes and vial cards, printed products, inserts and perfumed solutions for all your projects.

CARESTIA’s reputation is based on its know-how, founded on the absolute respect for its customer’s creations, innovation, a rigorous selection process for materials, the quality of production and the accuracy of the olfactory reproduction.

Reactive and concerned about environmental requirements, our team of experts can help you bring your projects to life and give you that visual and olfactory touch that makes all the difference, whilst respecting your graphic codes and enhancing even the most subtle of your fragrances.

CARESTIA is a discreet and pivotal player in the visual and olfactory communication markets.

In July 2013, CARESTIA’s capital is acquired by Arcade Marketing group, a major provider of sampling solutions to the world’s leading beauty, fragrance and skin-care brands.

In September 2014, Arcade Marketing group merged with the Bioplan Beauty group, the largest worldwide specialist for units doses, sampling and promotional solutions. An international platform, Arcade Beauty, specialist of sampling, packaging and «full-service» was born in which CARESTIA operates as an expert for smelling strips, printed packaging and marketing scented solutions.