CSR at the heart of strategy

Carestia has made CSR a tool for its governance. In addition to Arcade Beauty group’s global strategy, Carestia undertakes a range of specific initiatives.

These are built around four pillars:

1. Products & eco-design

Arcade Beauty is committed to the quality and safety of the products it distributes to consumers. In addition, the group is strongly engaged in eco-design for the development of its new products.

Within this framework, Arcade Beauty uses a life-cycle analysis tool (Ecol Impact) focused on product packaging (materials, printing techniques, consumables…). Carestia is strongly implicated in this eco-design approach, implementing constant improvement in its production methods and developing 100% sustainable innovations:

  • Use of recycled raw materials or industrial waste

  • Purchasing: 100% FSC- or PEFC-certified cardboard and paper

  • Purchasing: 100% FSC- or PEFC-certified cardboard and paper

  • Reduction of product format and weight, resulting in the lightweighting of 20% across Carestia’s portfolio

  • Reduction of ink levels

  • Use of plant-based deinkable inks

  • Development of reusable and refillable packaging, for example the blotter dispenser

2. Ethical business

Arcade Beauty has put in place a sustainable purchasing policy and pursues a framework aiming to:

Within this, Arcade Beauty has implemented a Sustainable Purchasing policy for its suppliers and sub-contractors. The group recently began supporting its suppliers and sub-contractors’ initiatives with a CSR scoring system.

For its part, Carestia’s supply chain is driven by ethical and sustainable practices. The sourcing of raw materials and consumables, their supply, as well as production planning management and logistics, are all driven by respect for health and safety, responsibility, rules and regulations and ethics as fundamental values.

Excellence opérationnelle des équipes Carestia Arcade Beauty.

3. Operations and climate

Arcade Beauty has put health and safety at the heart of its guiding principles. As a responsible company, the group has committed to a range of initiatives to help preserve the environment.

Carestia has put this at the forefront thanks to several major initiatives:

  • Reduction of production waste

  • Recuperation of materials

  • Research into recycling streams

  • Energy saving initiatives

  • Reduction of water and air-bound emissions [within the relevant legal framework]

  • Waste recovery: 95% of waste from the Carestia production facility, all materials included, is recycled in specialized waste streams
  • Use of acrylic glues (free from solvents)

  • Elimination of VOCs and alcohol

  • Creation of an anti-explosion room for the storage of inflammable products

4. Personnel

Arcade Beauty attaches a particular importance to values and fundamental rights, which are the basis and guidelines for its social policy. The group is particularly attentive to promoting diversity and fighting all forms of discrimination. It encourages the personal development and wellbeing of people in the workplace as part of a global CSR strategy.

Carestia Arcade Beauty stands out on this social pillar with a mentoring program for employees promoting their personal development within the company. Carestia is committed to implementing gender parity and respecting the age pyramid. As a corporate citizen, Carestia encourages a range of economic, social and philanthropic initiatives and acts as a partner in the region.


Carestia’s sustainability track record

With a mature environmental policy, particularly when it comes to eco-design, the Carestia facility is working towards ISO 14001 certification.

The global CDP Climate platform has awarded the group as a whole with a “B” ranking as concerns its climate impact.

Last but not least, Carestia earned a 73% score and Platinum rating from Ecovadis in 2021, putting the firm in the top 1% of its category.