Imprimeur et créateur de solutions parfumées

The Lab

The scenting laboratory is a place for ongoing research into optimizing processes and developing new solutions. It is made up of chemical engineers and sensorial evaluation teams. Fragrances from customers are transformed in order to be applied to a range of media. Dosages and textures are defined in order to offer optimal preservation and perfect restitution of the olfactory notes.

The synergy of a group

Carestia has the technical support of the group’s R&D laboratory to help develop new scenting techniques. It is such knowledge sharing, for example, that allowed the development of fragrance micro-encapsulation. Each production run is also systematically validated by a perfumer (for longevity, compatibility, etc.)

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Controlled magic

The choice of a consumable, drying techniques and conservation methods can have an impact on how fragrance notes are preserved and their restitution over time.

The selection of base media, inks, varnishes, glues and decoration processes is based on compatibility with juices and the relevant environmental regulations.

This is why compatibility and longevity testing at each stage in the production process is so essential.